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Reka Monitor Stand & Desktop Side Organizer - Small Size

Por Woodsaka de Turkey

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Reka - Monitor Stand & Desktop Side Organizer
You can solve many problems with a single Reka Monitör Stand.
Can be used horizontally or vertically. It can stand as a monitor stand on the table or on or near the table.
The sliding cover makes it easy to use. Thanks to the channel opening in the back section, you can make the cable output of the electronic devices you have placed inside.
In addition, you can keep all the cable entries closed at a single point with the multi-socket. You can make your work easier with regular and convenient use.
Moves the screen to the appropriate height when used as a monitor stand. You can hide inside items that you do not want to keep in mind like modem and cables.
As a storage box, you can store the tools you use on your desk temporarily or permanently, and keep things out of sight.
We have produced this useful product from walnut tree which can be used for many different purposes. It was covered with colorless, non-layering vegetable natural oil, revealing the natural beauties of wood. The natural oil we use protects the wood and does not form a layer that will change the appearance. As a result of modern design, traditional wood joining techniques, quality materials and craftship, Reka Monitor Stand & Desktop Organizer provides the stability you can use for many years while beautifying your desk.
Production :
All the works from drawing to white paper to packing the product are being done in our workshop. We only sell the products that we produce. You can use it safely.
Materials :
Natural Oil
Dimensions :
Note: Manually assembled and sanded. There may be minor changes in dimensions.

Important :

This product is made of natural materials. The color and lines of the tree used will vary with sample photographs.